Amaxos travel is a leading, full-service online travel company based in Stuttgart germany. With vibrant member companies and affiliated businesses that exists to serve humanity in the best way possible, with diverse interests in medical Tourism, Travels/Tours, vacations and hotels. Amaxos has built its reputation on the foundation of integrity, commitment, team work and providing great value to our customers. The Group has throughout the years grown into a strong player in its markets, and has continued to demonstrate exceptional performance through excellent service delivery to our clientele by affiliating with highly reputable relevant organizations across the globe.

In Amaxos, we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to make lives better for our clients by providing the best customer-focused services in all that we do.

Our portal gives customers the power of choice from a broad selection of top travel deals, and the ability to research, plan and book their domestic and international travel from the comfort of their homes and anywhere they are across the world. We are active on all social media platforms and will respond to your queries conveniently and promptly too. Our strategic relationships with Travel Partners ensure we offer the best travel deals to our customers, every time.

Our Mission

Establish the Best Part of Travel as the major sector of the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry that it deserves to be. Amaxos travels proves that it’s very much possible to find great deals that will take you to extraordinary places at affordable rates. All we do is search through hundreds of thousands of flight and hotel deals and tours, filter them to find the ones that meet your criteria. Understanding the modernization of technologies, we keep ourselves up to date so that you can enjoy a seamless experience while booking a holiday with us.

Who we are

Amaxos travel has been changing the face of tourism industry since 2012 through our medical tourism service, which provides health care and medical assistance services for international patients from around the world in Europe and Asia.

What we do

We aim to give you custom travel experiences, tailored specifically according to your interests. From smooth transportation to custom day-to-day tours, we provide a personalized touch to your trip. This is highly appreciated by our clients from all over the world, since it enables us to empathize with various culturally determined needs and communicate in several languages.


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