Keeping Track of Your Physical Activity Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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February 5, 2021
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Keeping Track of Your Physical Activity Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Physical activity is good for our overall well being but with the coronavirus pandemic, it is quite difficult keeping up with exercise routines.

With global infections surpassing 102 million and resulting deaths exceeding 2.2 million, there is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has kept nations of the world on bended knees.

The major goal for many at this time is survival but the role of exercise and physical activity cannot be sidelined.

Maintaining physical activity can go a long way in helping us both mentally and physically.

According to the world health organization, individuals who are more vulnerable to contracting the virus are those with underlying ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, asthma, etc.

Research has shown that an improvement in cardiovascular and respiratory health has the potential to keep high blood pressure or diabetes in check, promote weight loss and improve musculoskeletal strength. How then can we improve cardiovascular health?

You guessed right! Cardiovascular health can be improved by engaging in physical activity and eating the right diet.

This brings us to physical activity and how it can be tracked

The best way to keep track of your physical activity is to make use of a fitness tracker. There are several trackers, and depending on the type, users can track steps, calories, distance traveled, caloric intake, heart rate and sleep. Distance covered as well as pace can also be monitored.

While fitness trackers may not be worth it to those who have an athletic incentive, they, however, may be the robot that this class of people may just have been looking for to compete with.

What fitness trackers will do for you

1. Promote personal accountability

With fitness trackers, you can be sure to keep tabs on your progress. These devices help you to do better in your fitness routine than you did previous days. Research has shown that individuals who use fitness trackers can increase their workout activity by 30 percent.

2. Help with individual goals

Are you thinking about increasing the number of kilometers you run daily or the number of steps you walk? Or the last time you ran around the neighbourhood was three to six ago and you are looking to embark on this routine? You have no problems because fitness trackers help you set realistic goals and have workout plans and tips to help you.

3. All round support

With many people having to work from home amid the pandemic, you can have all desired features on your fitness tracker without having to open an app. Most fitness trackers can sync tracking activity through bluetooth to your smartphone automatically. So, you don’t need to worry about losing track of exercise routines, business or office meetings and even when to take a nap.

Where to buy fitness trackers

We have seen how fitness trackers are useful in transforming our mental and physical health positively. If you plan to buy one that is budget-friendly with a range of features to help track your physical activity, manage your schedule, visit

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