How to Accomplish Your Life Goals

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February 5, 2021
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How to Accomplish Your Life Goals

The idiomatic expression – If wishes were horses, beggars will ride – sends a very strong message. It’s not enough to talk about your goals without strategizing or working to accomplish them. A goal without a strategy is just a dream.

If you’ve ever had to set a goal without having a plan to achieve it and succeeded, I bet it must have been luck. Does luck really exist?

Well, we’ll have to discuss that in the comment section I guess.

Have you ever desired to lose some pounds of weight without having to work towards? I guess not. You probably would have tried exercise routines, measured calorie intake or fasted intermittently. Did you come top in your class without having to study harder? My guess is No. You definitely would have burnt midnight candles.

In essence, losing that weight or coming top of your class is the goal, while the exercise routines, calorie counts and all-night study are strategies to achieve desired results.

Setting and accomplishing goals should apply to every area of our lives – health, career and education.

Bearing this in mind, I will be sharing three common tips and an all-round method that will help you take charge of your set goals. Want to find out? Please, keep reading.

1. Keep a journal

Journals have proved to be very effective for a very, very long time. Journals work in such a way that you use a diary or notebook to create your task for the day, week or month. It’s an intentional process that helps you to keep tabs on your goals.

Writing out goals, to some people, may come off as easy, however, they just don’t want to write it. Ever heard of the saying, “The faintest ink is better than the best memory?” Think about this.

The minutes or hours you will probably spend writing down your goals should motivate you to push harder to accomplish them.

All you need to do is search for ideas that can turn your academics, career or health life for the better, build on them and plan to accomplish them.

2. Visualize your goals

There’s a greater probability that you can accomplish set goals if you can have a picture of them mentally. This is where meditating comes in. However, you must be careful not to get depressed if you don’t accomplish your goals at the set time. There’s a smarter way of doing this. If you are good with the drawing pen, get a board or scrapbook and put down your dreams in pictorial form, there is a higher level of inspiration that comes with this.

3. Use Sticker Charts

This method may be downplayed by many adults but in real sense, it is important for both kids and adults. Sticker charts are pretty affordable. Once you have a strategy on how to accomplish your goals, you could write each of these steps on a sticker chart and paste them around your house. Once you complete a task you can pull down the specific sticker, then you proceed to the next. Sounds simple, right?

If you are a parent, you can help your kids accomplish their desired goals by using this method.

4. The all-round method

In the introductory part of this piece, I made mention of an all-round method to help you stay on top of your goals. Yes! I call it an all-round method because it has proven itself time and again in the accomplishment of set goals be it health, professional, academic and business goals.

Let me reveal what the all-round method is. It is the AMAXOS SMARTWATCH. The world is now a global village and you don’t want to be left behind when others are making waves.

You may be wondering how the Amaxos smartwatches can help do this. I will guide you briefly.

How Amaxos smartwatches can help accomplish health goals.

As an accessory that takes your health into consideration, the smartwatch, when configured and worn, monitors your heart rate, monitors sleep rate, measures caloric intake, tracks steps and does so much more. So, if your goal is to stay fit or lose some weight, Amaxos smartwatches will help you to strategize on the number of calories to consume daily and also help in physical activity. It also stores a record of your activities, to let you know how well you are doing in your routines.

How Amaxos smartwatches can help with professional and educational goals.

Professional and educational goals require that you schedule meetings with clients, make calls, submit an assignment, as well as a study. Amaxos smartwatches keep you on top of your game by notifying you when it’s time to do all of these things. All features from your mobile phone can be synced to your Amaxos smartwatch. In simple terms, these watches are life assistants.

Where to get Amaxos smartwatches.

You can purchase Amaxos smartwatches here or simply send “INFO” to for more enquiry. NB: Delivery is world wide

We’ve seen how setting goals in every area of our lives is important, as well as a few tips that can help us keep up with our plans for achieving our goals. Therefore, there is definitely no excuse why you shouldn’t strategize to accomplish set goals, especially with Amaxos smartwatches.

Please don’t fail to drop a comment!!! Let us know your thoughts on if luck exist or not


  1. Princess says:

    I once read an article that “claimed” luck exist and even possible ways of attracting it. I just feel like “luck” is a thing of the mind. Generally, things happen to people both good and bad, when bad things happen, you can’t say I was just unlucky 🤷‍♂️and vice versa. The law of attraction happens to make us feel that positive or negative thoughts and sometimes action brings about positive or negative experiences. That’s how luck for me is too. When you feel lucky, the universe has a way bringing you good luck. SO YES!!! LUCK DOES EXIST 😁😁. Nice products by the way

    • Amaxos says:

      That’s actually one way to look at it even though your view sounded a bit contradictory at first but one can see where you are coming from. Thanks for the input.

  2. Chibuzor Stella says:

    Yea… luck do exist but I still ask if it’s for special genre or zodiac signs cause I have witnessed a person in the family out of many keeps getting all that he wants at his reach and other siblings don’t do.
    Yea, we would all say it’s luck but why does it not fall on evryone randomly. Meanwhile, I believe it exists but has its season and times for evryone.

  3. Charles Zikky says:

    Yes luck exists but not for all tho,as it’s seasonal and selective in a way.

  4. I wouldn’t particularly call it luck. It’s more of time and chance happening to everyone, good and bad.

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