Factors to Consider when Shopping for Smartwatches

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February 15, 2021
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Factors to Consider when Shopping for Smartwatches

Smartwatches as technological accessories have come to stay and with features that just keep evolving, an individual might be in a fix when it comes to making a choice.

With smartwatches being excellent in their own way, the designs and features may vary. Most of them have great health and fitness features like heart rate sensors, oxygen level tracker, calorie measurement, steps and pace tracker.

Smartwatches, sometimes, are marketed as health-focused devices, other times, they serve as an extension of mobile phones. Extending them to phones can be done manually or automatically.

Due to the numerous capabilities of smartwatches, they can be likened to life assistants.

Because an individual may be forced into a state of confusion when having to make choices, especially with smartwatches, this article aims to be a guide of what features you should look out for when shopping for a smartwatch.

1. Phone compatibility

Besides the health benefits, smartwatches are designed to complement your smartphones or work independently when your phone is not nearby. For this reason, device compatibility is very important.

Some smartwatches work with either Android phones or iPhones, while others may be quite selective.

For instance, Amaxos AX20 smartwatch can work with multiple Android devices as well as iPhones. All you need to do is speak to a representative of the brand before making a choice or go through the product review.

2. Battery life

The battery life is an important factor to consider when shopping for a smartwatch. Smartwatches vary; some go as long as two days without being charged, others can go just less than a day.

Smartwatches with voice features may require a constant recharge. With various improvements, there are now smartwatches that can be charged wirelessly. All that needs to be done is to lay the smartwatch flat on a charging puck.

3. Display features

Want to view pictures, apps or other contents in richer and brighter colours? Smartwatches can handle that because they have colour LCD screens or AMOLED displays.

The only issue here is that battery life will be shortened, however, if you want the battery to last long, you can opt for a black-and-white display.

4. Touch screen or touchless screens

Many individuals will be tempted to go for a touch screen rather than a touchless one. However, due to the small nature of the screen, touching apps may seem difficult due to interference. The hack here is to go for smartwatches that offer both touchless and screen touch options, or those that have zoom options. Check here for such watches — amaxos.com.

5. Fitness features

The introductory part of this piece stated that smartwatches most of the time, are marketed as fitness accessories. In essence, these brand of watches serves a dual purpose — fashion and health.

Bearing in mind that some smartwatches depend on your smartphone for activity tracking, when making a choice, go for one that has an inbuilt pedometer.

If this process may seem difficult and you plan to primarily use your smartwatch for workout purposes, Amaxos as a brand has a range of fitness trackers with features similar to those of a smartwatch.

The fitness trackers have vast physical activity features like blood pressure monitoring, steps tracker, calorie-intake measurement, hemoglobin monitoring, sleep tracker, and more features being developed.

GPS features can also be installed for those who will like to go hiking or biking and want to calculate their pace and distance covered.

6. Personalization

Let’s be sincere, there may be instances where we just wish we had about 10 different colours of smartwatches but can’t afford it at once. There could also be times where you want to wear something that looks like a luxury brand but don’t want to let go of the wonderful benefits smartwatches offer.

There’s a way to solve this. Some smartwatches have straps that are replaceable. You can change the strap to gold or silver plated chains while retaining the features of your smartwatch.

7. Is it fashionable?

Smartwatches can also be categorized as fashionable pieces. Depending on a taste, there’s always a smartwatch for you.

8. Apps and call function selection

Smartphones have evolved to accommodate thousands of applications from Instagram to Twitter, alarm clock, Facebook, google, and many that you can think of. For instance, the Apple watch has ESPN, the Uber and MapMyRun apps.

Serving the same function as your phone, you can make calls from your wrist. The AT&T NumberSync feature lets you use the same number for your mobile phone and smartwatch, although you would have to buy a separate data plan for your smartwatch. 

If you get to forget your phone at home and are too busy at work to dash back home to pick it up, you smartwatch has got you covered.

9. The price

Actually, the cost of the smartwatch should be the least of your concerns as long as you get value for your money. While some smartwatches could cost as much as 800 pounds, there are some that have the same features and serve the same functions as the most expensive smartwatches. Check them out here.

So, we’ve seen multiple features to look out for when shopping for smartwatches and we hope this article guides you when you find yourself in this boat.

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